SFTP CAT7 Cable is an Ethernet patch cable

Summary:SFTP CAT7 Cable is an Ethernet patch cable that is used for high-speed data transfer between directly connected servers, switches and computer network
SFTP CAT7 Cable is an Ethernet patch cable that is used for high-speed data transfer between directly connected servers, switches and computer networks. It supports data transfer speeds of 10 Gbps.The cable is made of 4 tightly twisted copper wire pairs. The four pairs are individually shielded with a foil wrapping, then the whole cable bundle is shielded by a screen foil.The SFTP CAT7 Cable is one of the latest versions of Ethernet cabling, designed to support higher data speeds for a range of modern server applications and cloud computing. It's also a popular choice for home users across a variety of domestic Ethernet networks and connectivity setups, as well as enthusiast gaming systems.
In terms of the physical makeup, both Cat7 and Cat7a employ a twisted and sheathed four-pair cable design that delivers up to 600 MHz in transmission frequency, supporting 10 Gbps Ethernet signals over distances up to 100m. To help ensure optimal protection from signal loss and cross-talk, these cables have been double-shielded against EMI and other electromagnetic interference (EMI) threats.
The most comprehensive level of additional signal protection is typically provided by products labelled SFTP or SSTP, which feature both a foil shield/screen between the cable jacketing and the twisted wires, as well as an additional wrapping around each twisted pair individually. This is a significant step forward from UTP designs, which have no additional layer of protective screening around the twisted wire pairs themselves.
Product Specifications
If you're looking for a quality Cat7 Ethernet cable, our SFTP CAT7 Cable is the perfect choice. It's a robust cable that can withstand temperature extremes, UV/moisture exposure and direct contact with different chemicals and oils.Our SFTP CAT7 Cable is tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Class F standards, ensuring that the cable meets all of the stringent signal loss over distance criteria. This helps to ensure that our Cat7 Ethernet cables protect against possible degradation caused by issues such as EMI and crosstalk.
Our SFTP CAT7 Cable can be found in two variants: Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Foiled/Unshielded Twisted Pair (F/UTP). In the UTP design, four pairs of twisted copper wires are sheathed only by their own interior jacketing and that of the external cable itself. On the other hand, our F/UTP design provides extra wrapping around each individual pair of twisted wires made of protective foil screening.SFTP CAT7 Cable is designed with full copper 23AWG twisted pairs to ensure a high-speed data transmission. It has a foil shield as well as a foil braid inside the sheath to reduce interference and cross talk.
It is tested up to 600Mhz, which provides better performance than Cat6 and Cat6A network cables. This Cat7 cable is also REACH and RoHS 2 complian.This cable is available in a variety of lengths. It is perfect for use in data centers, telecom rooms, and other high-density networking environments.As technology advances and data speeds increase, so too must network cabling. Whether you’re connecting an individual computer, a router, or a gaming console, your cable needs to keep up with the times.Our SFTP Cat7 Cable is the best choice for your network’s high-speed connectivity needs. This CAT7 ethernet cable is capable of transmitting 10 Gbps over long distances, delivering the performance you expect from your Ethernet connection.